“The what?” you ask . . .

Yes, a  gay  editor.  Sure, a good editor is a good editor—I mean, I’ve edited a manual on breastfeeding, an inspirational book to help women cope with traveling spouses, and a collection of therapeutic poems by a manic depressive whose husband had killed himself.  And it never mattered that I was a man.

I’ve also assisted authors of children’s books, memoir writers, and nonfiction experts; and, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t a parent, didn’t have many years behind me, or lacked credentials in a particular field.

But I have had instances when I could tell an author was not being totally true to their writing because they didn’t think they could be totally honest.

Did it matter?

No, the fact that someone was writing a gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender love story did not matter to me—as I said, a good editor can edit anything that fits into his or her realm of material.  But the fact that a writer was not aware I was gay at the beginning of the editorial process did seem to make a difference to them.

Which is why I decided to start “the-gay-editor” division of the-freelance-editor.  Now, we all have the full deck of proverbial cards on the legendary table before any words are even spoken!

So, if you were waiting . . .

to find someone who can relate to your experiences, someone who will not intimidate you, or someone who will not judge you, you now have a place to turn—a place where you can feel comfortable that your writing will be respected, and appreciated. 

But, you’ll never know until you contact me to get started . . .


the-gay-editor is a division of, where we work with our clients—
you or your team—to help them say what they want to say to the audience they want to reach.

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