the-blog-editor answers some questions

You  know your audience, and  you  know what you want to say.  So, you go ahead and do the blog writing; then, let the-blog-editor assist you—with research, logic, grammar, and polish.  Your blog entries and posts to social media pages will be their best.

You mentioned you could help with “social media entries”—what does that mean?

Part of a strong social media presence is posting information to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and a host of other local, specialty, and niche sites—whatever places you use to find and stay in contact with your “people”.  That information needs to be just as polished and understandable as content you post to your website and blog, whether it is original content to your pages or a comment on another page.

Can you help with e-newsletters? They’re almost the same thing, aren’t they?

Yes, e-newsletters (or electronic newsletters) and even paper-based newsletters are really just off-line versions of blogs. So, whether it’s an e-newsletter or a print publication makes no difference—to tell the truth, I’ve been doing newsletters since the mimeograph days, and writing for weblogs is the very same process.

You said you won’t write my blog post for me?

the-blog-editor can write your posts for you but, as I’ve said, you are really the expert when it comes down to your content and your clients. That’s why I’ll work with you to say what you want to say; but, after you’ve said it!   If you really do want me to do the writing for you, however, I will be glad to fix you up with a professional ghostwriter!

How do we get started?  How does the process work?

Editing your blog post or social media entry usually only takes a few hours, especially if you are a retainer client or if you’ve warned the-blog-editor in advance that the message is coming. Here is an outline of the process your post will go through:

  1. Write the rough draft for the message you want to post as
    • an entry for your blog
    • a comment to someone else’s blog
    • content for your facebook page
    • content for your MySpace page
    • content for your LinkedIn page
  2. Send your draft to the-blog-editor.
    • e-mail your rough draft as text within your message
    • attach it as a plain-text file to your message
  3. the-blog-editor will look over your draft and provide an estimate and schedule for performing your edit. (If you are a retainer client, your draft will skip this step.)
  4. Once you accept the estimate and agree to the schedule, your edit will be completed. (If you are a new or irregular client, prepayment may be requested; payment arrangements are discussed below.)
  5. Your edited draft will be returned to you for your review. If you find that you wish to make any changes, one revised draft will be reviewed one time, at no additional cost, by the-blog-editor.

That’s it! Your draft is ready for publication.

What will your services cost me?

Most blog posts and social media entries (of roughly 250 to 300 words) can be edited for a flat rate of less than $50 each—a rate that is negotiated during steps 2, 3, and 4 above. However, if you create material regularly, contact us for a retainer quote. Retainer accounts are a popular option for frequent posters to blogs, Facebook pages, and other online communities.

With a retainer account,

  • your blog entries will be handled on a priority basis,
  • your monthly fees are constant (as long as the quantity and quality remain constant), and
  • you receive priority treatment with ghostwriting jobs and other personal and business editorial needs.

Retainer accounts will be adjusted to have flexibility for slow months—you will not be overcharged!

If you wish the-blog-editor to actually upload your post, a fee of $50 will be added the first time we log in and access your account; thereafter, a $15 fee will be added to each subsequent post to the same account.  These charges can be added into retainer fees or billed separately.  Fees entitle you to one “adjustment” or change to that post after posting.

Note that fees and charges due are payable through the-freelance-editor; the-freelance-editor is the parent of the-blog-editor.


the-blog-editor is a division of, where we work with our clients—you or your team—to help them say what they want to say to the audience they want to reach.

If you still have questions or concerns after exploring our site
or  if you’re ready to see about getting your complimentary sample edit
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