My “specialties”

While I have edited all sorts of materials for all varieties of audiences over the years, I’m finding that most of the authors I’m currently providing editorial services to are falling into just a few categories:

Whether this is a sign of the times, the company I’m keeping, or a rut I’ve just otherwise fallen into, I  am  already focused on these products and styles—short and to-the-point messages of a blog post or a social media announcement on one hand, and fact-based creative writings on the other—so, why not apply those mindsets to similar projects?

Focusing on only a few “specialties” will keep me from having to redirect my brain from, say, tightening up a blog post, to reviewing a script, to fact-checking a doctoral thesis, to working at something else completely different, as has been my norm.  It will also reduce start-up times when I switch gears, an advantage to my you, my clients.

Do you fit into one of those categories?

If so, why not get in touch . . .


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