Why use a freelance editor?

Why would anyone need a freelance, or for-hire, editor—or even editorial services at all?  Because, at one time or another (especially in the technology-centered world we now live in), most of us will likely need help getting words and information ready for publication—yes: publication!

Just think about all the “publishing” you do: building profiles and posting information on social media sites; creating blog entries of your own or adding comments to the posts of others; writing e-mail messages; sharing stories and jokes—and many of us still write everyday letters and memos and instructions. These days, not all publishers are trained authors or professional writers—but you don’t need to be.

the-freelance-editor can be your freelance—and professional—and experienced— researcher / ghostwriter / editor / proofreader —whether you need temporary help, occasional assistance, or long-term commitment.  Yes, if you have a writing-related obstacle or challenge, I am ready to help you.

Still not convinced that you need a freelance editor?  If you’re still debating, try answering some of these questions:

  • Do you need help thinking through, outlining, or organizing a letter, a report, an article, a grant, a procedure, or a manuscript?
  • Do you need editorial assistance and guidance, an objective reviewer, or just an open ear as you develop your writing project?
  • Do you need direction with the “work” of writing: planning and scheduling your project; categorizing, filing, and retrieving information; creating a table of contents, an index, or a reference list?
  • Do you need plain old writing assistance or editorial guidance in such areas as word choice, punctuation, grammar, and readability—the elements you want to be “perfect” for your readers (or the editors at a publishing house)?
  • Do you need direction in refining your manuscript to help it appear more polished and professional, or, if you are self-publishing, do you need help with instructional design and proofreading?

If you answered “yes” to (or hesitated on) any of these questions, you might need the-freelance-editor. If you don’t think you need me now, keep my information handy—You just never know when the time might come . . .

Since you’re still not convinced . . .


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