Project-based pricing

For intermediate-sized and in-progress works, working on a particular piece of a larger goal, or aiming for completion in a concise time frame, defining a project and working within its boundaries is usually the best way to proceed. (It’s also my favorite way to price and schedule because I feel you get a better deal; besides, you also get additional guarantees.)

To start with this pricing plan, initiate contact with me via e-mail. I will then ask you to send a random sample of the project for me to look at. I will review the sample, complete an editorial review, calculate an estimate, and get back in touch with you—for free and with no obligation!  And, besides, you get to keep and use the edited sample whether or not we decide to work together, so you don’t really have anything to lose.

With the sample, I will determine a cost estimate (the estimate is a guaranteed maximum so you know from the start what your final cost could be; though, actual charges almost always end up below that maximum) for the entire project and a tentative schedule that takes into consideration the amount of editing you need as well as any budget constraints or deadline limitations you have let me know about. Obviously, the more editing you need, the more time I put into the project, and the quicker you need the project turned around, the higher the cost will be.

If we then decide to work together, I will draw up a proposal that takes into account any updated information and negotiations so we can proceed.

If you are still exploring options, I also offer hourly arrangements and a fairly unique “Monopoly Plan,” during which you get my full-time, undivided attention!  For information on these pricing plans, use the drop-down “Pricing and payment” menu above.


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