Monopoly pricing

I used to call this arrangement, hiring “your own personal editor”, but one of the clients who used the plan to complete his personal history with me commented that it was like getting a monopoly on me!

The Monopoly Plan: Your own personal editor—for real!

With this plan, you—and you, alone—get my undivided attention. Yes, you. Only you!  As soon as I can wrap up or reschedule other projects and clear my calendar, I will be your own personal editor. This arrangement is particulary good if you are in need of a ghostwriter, a co-author, or a project editor or if you have in-depth research needs or are rushing to finish the current phase of a project. Such duties require a higher level of attention and a deeper level of commitment, from writer and editor, to be done properly.

Unfortunately, this level of service does not come cheaply. (Remember, the two usual payment options—accepting a project quote or paying hourly fees—allow me to take on several projects concurrently to lower each writer’s cost.) The total obligation for the Monopoly Plan is $9,000 (plus predetermined expenses that we agree are reimbursable) for a three-month term, during which I will not take on any other projects. Because I usually need to clear my schedule before we begin, an up-front non-refundable deposit of at least $500 is due on signing. Another $500 will be due as soon as I am able to devote my attention to your project. A payment schedule for the balance will be agreed to before we begin work. Of course, the Monopoly Plan carries my usual guarantees, which allow you to escape at any time and requires you to pay only for the time used—even if we finish early!

If the Monopoly Plan is too scary or too much for your budget, contact me to see if you might be be able to get by with project-based pricing or using me as a consultant. For information on these pricing plans, use the drop-down “Pricing and payment” menu above.


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