Hourly pricing

Small and/or last-minute writing projects will sometimes require pricing that is outlined in cold, hard dollar amounts.  To help with such instances, I offer the following competitive rates for my professional services:

  • Ghostwriting Projects
    • $24 per hour
    • $26 for quick turnaround
  • Writing Projects
    • $17 per hour
    • $21 for quick turnaround
  • Research Projects
    • $20 per hour (plus expenses)
    • $24 for quick turnaround (plus expenses)
  • Editing Projects
    • $21 per hour
    • $25 for quick turnaround
  • Consulting Projects
    • rates are quoted only per project

Note that with hourly charges, you will not receive a guaranteed maximum estimated cost; you may, however, place a ceiling on the amount you wish to pay.  The minimum charge for any hourly arrangement is $50.  These charges do not apply to blog-related projects, which often require a combination of services and have their own established rates.

If you are still exploring options for getting your general writing project edited, you might be interested in project-based pricing, which often results in a better rate, as well as a fairly unique “Monopoly Plan,” during which you get my full-time, undivided attention!  For information on these pricing plans, use the drop-down “Pricing and payment” menu above.


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