Near-Instant Help!

We’ve  all  had times—whether we want to remember them or not—when we needed help from an editor, a ghostwriter, or a fact-checker and we needed it right then!  Chances are, however, when that writing emergency slapped you in the face, you didn’t have many alternatives at your side.

Now, you have me, the-freelance-editor—and all you have to do is text me!

What is your word emergency?

Contact me with your writing emergency:  a spelling or vocabulary question?  a grammatical issue?  a logic or structure problem?   the-freelance-editor will help you get moving in the right direction.  I’ll also be glad to help with research and ghostwriting—but those might need more time and attention (you’ll never know until you ask, though).

State your emergency in the box below—and be as specific as possible in describing your need and your deadline.  You will receive a personal reply as soon as possible to let you know your request has been received by the-freelance-editor.  I’ll also let you know about when to expect a solution to your problem; if I don’t need more information, your fingers could be flying over that keyboard again in just a few minutes.

Upon completion of the work, you will receive a bill for the amount due. “Emergencies” generally cost from $20 to $50; any possibility of higher charges will be discussed in advance, as will jobs that have a potential for longer turnaround times.  Payment will be appreciated as quickly as we perform your work!