A new blog face is unveiled

It wasn’t totally my idea, but after an upgrade crashed the old design, I sought out something a little more stable. Maybe it’s even a little more professional looking, too, but it’s not as colorful. (Of course, I’m still somewhat bitter over losing nearly twenty hours of work time!)

Let me know what you think; drop a line to ImYourEditor@hotmail.com

Trying again, for the third time!

So, this will be the third time I’m trying to get serious about blogging, and perhaps it will be the time that takes. As a warning, though, since so much time has passed between messages from anEditorsBlog, don’t sign off because you don’t remember signing up! You are receiving this notice because you’ve signed up previously, you’ve been a client, or you’ve expressed interest in keeping in touch.

Now let’s see how this goes . . .

I can strike through one resolution!

Well, the new year is only eighteen days old, so I guess I’m doing pretty good at meeting one of my resolutions: to start my editor’s blog for writers. In this blog, my goal is to help make viewers aware of some of the useful information I find in the variety of reading / writing / editing items that I try to read on a daily basis. For now, I’m spending a lot of time in “class” learning this program. I have great dreams and high expectations for anEditorsBlog, so tune back in occasionally. Thanks!