My Philosophy

“Doctors do not operate on themselves and few hairdressers successfully do their own hair.  Why, then, do authors think they can correct their own words?”

These are words spoken by one of my earliest mentors and while the analogy stretches some parallels, it does raise a valid point:  that authors do too often think they can edit themselves, or rather, their own work. Granted, some can self-edit to a degree; however, I have found throughout my editing career that most authors become too involved in and protective of their work to be objective and critical of it.  But, wait—I also think that that is the way it should be, because  no one  knows the dream, the intent, the labor of a product like its creator, its author.

That is why I like to work so closely with the authors of projects.

For most projects, I recommend using  a multi-step editorial process  that encourages maximum interaction. The technique and steps we use on your project, of course, will depend on our mutual agreement.  But, rest assured, I will not ever force you or trick you or convince you into more work or more expense than I think you need.


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