My 100% guarantee to you

My promises to you:

First off, your project is your project—you always maintain veto power over my suggested changes.  Your work is the culmination of  your  thoughts,  your  dreams,  your  labors; You are the creator, the author.  I learned long ago that my place is “just” that of an editor!

Second, if you decide along the way that you do not like the way we work together, please let me know so we can discuss changes in the way your project is being handled. If you continue to be unhappy after we make adjustments, bring your continued disatisfaction to my attention. If we cannot make adequate and appropriate arrangements, either of us may agree to sever the working arrangement at any time. You will be responsible for paying only for the work you wish to use.

Additional promises to project-based clients

With the following caveat in place, you may enjoy two additional guarantees; first the fine print:  Any changes you make to a project once we begin work may mean changes in timetables and prices.  No change should come as a surprise to either of us, though—I will discuss obstacles and problems with you as they arise just as I expect you to discuss conflicts and surprises with me.  That said . . .

Third, since you and I will have worked together to determine a schedule, I guarantee that your final deadline will be met or you will be expected to pay only half of the quoted price.

Fourth, I guarantee that the maximum estimated price quote we agree to at the beginning of the project is, indeed, the maximum amount you will be responsible for paying; under no ordinary circumstance will that maximum be exceeded.


Bonus information I want to be sure you know

A few other kind-of, sort-of guarantees, for clients and prospective clients:

  • My maximum estimates are really maximums; they are also nonbinding and honored for up to sixty days.
  • You get to keep and use the sample edit whether we work together or not!
  • I will never force you or trick you or convince you into more work or more expense than I think you need—we both have better things to do!

So, what do you have to lose?


If you still have questions or concerns after exploring our site
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