A short company history

Freelance Library Services is the predecessor and parent of the-freelance-editor. I started FLS in 1987 by building resource centers and researching topics for nonprofit organizations in Dayton, Ohio. In a short time, however, FLS was assisting individuals (compiling up-to-date bibliographies and locating current research), government agencies (managing libraries and archives and organizing file rooms), and businesses (indexing publications and clipping articles for future reference) in a one-hundred-mile radius.

After moving to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, I continued to provide research assistance to graduate students, writers, and local organizations. But I quickly recognized a trend that I had noticed but never dealt with in Dayton: most of my clients had little idea what to do with the bibliographies, readings, and other research I had compiled for them. I decided to use my experiences as a project editor to help guide them.

That’s when I began working as the-freelance-editor, striving to help my FLS clients to put together their research and develop their writing projects. Through this freelance editing-researching/fact-checking-ghostwriting business, I do my best to help researchers and technical experts, professors and teachers, professional authors, and aspiring writers to transform their research and ideas into understandable, readable projects: books, articles, activities, grants, guides, manuals, and other materials for general audiences, children, and young adults.

While continuing to offer the original information management services of FLS, the-freelance-editor has evolved to provide other services that writers sometimes need: outlining, indexing, and publishing assistance to name a few. I can also offer assistance with instructional design and discuss promoting your efforts through social media.

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